Copy Cat: Enrobed in Chocolate

By Posted in - Copy Cat & Marketing on February 2nd, 2016

Have you ever spotted the creative copy throughout the aisles at Trader Joe’s? I experienced the Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars a couple weeks ago and fell in love. I’m not sure if it was the copy on the box or the flavor of the cookies that took my breath away and left me reaching for another. Before you even open the package, the copy suggests that you are about to eat “A truly stellar cookie.” And Trader Joe’s is not over promising with this copy.

“Rich, crumbly mini star-shaped chocolate shortbread cookies infused with the bright flavor of peppermint, enrobed in luscious dark chocolate and sprinkled with nonpareils. Talk about being star-struck!”

This mint chocolate shortbread cookie has been “enrobed” in dark chocolate and is ready to set your taste buds on fire. Enrobed? Yes, that one single word is enough to make me want to purchase a box or two.


The copy is full of descriptive verbs that make my mouth water and set my soul on fire! The cookie is described as minty, chocolaty with a special star power. Still not enough good copy to make you run to Trader Joe’s? Check out this nugget:

“Give a box as a gift to those friends who really shine. Serve them as dessert to make an ordinary dinner party truly stellar. Or, enjoy them all yourself and keep their star-power your little secret.”

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