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By Posted in - Fashion & Public Relations & Raleigh PR Agency on February 12th, 2014

It’s always nice to know people in high (fashion) places. My sister works for New York based designer Rebecca Taylor, so I got the chance to attend my first New York Fashion Week runway show this past weekend. A lifelong style devotee myself, I was beyond excited. And the experience did not disappoint…socialites, fashionistas, lots of black, plenty of attitude, incredible clothing and even a few celebrities. And only at fashion week would you see hundreds of women wearing open toe Louboutin stilettos teetering down streets covered in mountains of snow and ice. I loved every minute.

What I also really enjoyed was the production of the show itself. As a PR professional, I have orchestrated countless events and could relate to the sleep deprived, over-stressed girls running around. From the lighting and the music to the seating chart and the media interviews, it was evident that countless hours of planning went into executing a show of this magnitude. And although there were probably hiccups and missteps along the way, as an observer from the sidelines, it looked as though everything went off without a hitch.

And the collection itself was amazing. Rebecca Taylor is known for her feminine details, but this collection had more of an edge to it. She paired soft ice blue sweaters with more structured pieces and jackets. Lots of hardware and zipper details. And while it all looked great on the runway, it was also a very wearable collection. I already have a few things on my wish list!

Takeaways were, fashion is a true art, my sister’s job is fabulous and the same rules and challenges come into play for planning events – glamorous or not. Here is a link to all the looks from the show Rebecca Taylor Fall 2014 Runway Looks, along with a few pictures I snapped.

Rebecca Taylor's newest designs.

Rebecca Taylor’s newest designs

Waiting in line for them to find our names on the list.

Waiting in line for them to find our names on the list.



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  • Dana Hughens - Reply

    February 16, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    So fun to think about the similarities between working in PR and working at Fashion Week!

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