Green Thought Thursday: What’s Your New Year’s Green-solution?

By Posted in - Sustainability on December 30th, 2010

I am turning off the faucet!

I am going to have a moment of truth. I may be Clairemont’s green blogger, but even I have some cleaning (or should I say, greening?) up to do. One terribly wasteful thing that I do – something that I am almost too ashamed to admit – is that…is that…well…urmmm…OK OK…I LEAVE THE FAUCET RUNNING WHILE I BRUSH MY TEETH.


Now you must be thinking, what a hypocrite! But as I have continued to spill my little secret to family and close friends, I have learned that surely I am not the only one with a bad little habit. As it turns out, my brother takes 15 minute showers, my dad doesn’t recycle, one of my closest friends leaves all of her lights on (even when she’s not home) and my boyfriend…well….He’s perfect.

But seriously. It’s almost a new year, so I say we all band together and make our very first green-solutions! Think of how many resources we could save if each and every one of us committed to our little resolutions. According to one green blogger, if I turn off the faucet while I brush my teeth, I will save more than 684 gallons of water from running down the drain!

So without further ado, here is my green-solution – I vow to never, ever, everrrr leave the water running while I brush my teeth ever again! And yes, it’s going to be hard for me (it’s this weird thing where I love the feeling of hot water rushing over my hands), but I promise to do it!

Now that I’ve completely embarrassed myself on the World Wide Web, it’s your turn. What are your green-solutions? I know Dana, for one, swears to always bring her reusable mug to Starbucks. So who else will step up to the green plate and take one for the team? Want to hear from you!

And, before I forget, happy new year!



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