Instagram Slideshows for Restaurants

By Posted in - Restaurant PR + Hospitality PR & Social Media + Influencer Engagement on April 3rd, 2017
With the latest Instagram upgrade, users are now able to post “slideshows,” several images within one post where the next photo is accessed by sliding your finger across the screen. This feature gives restaurants a new and fresh way to present themselves on social media’s favorite app. Here are a few examples!


  1. Demo the Deliciousness

Have a fan-favorite dish? Restaurants have the ability to take their followers from start to finish of any meal using the slideshow feature. Since the app allows up to ten slides per post, users have plenty of space to show their followers exactly how their favorite dish is created. Giving them a sneak peek at all the fresh and flavorful ingredients and how they come together piece by piece will help to create some cravings among your followers and future guests!

  1. Recap an Epic Event

Saturday night’s dinner accompanied by a live band? Throwing a special event for the big game? Now you no longer have to pick the “best” photo or video to showcase the whole evening. Followers can relive the entire course of events rather than a snapshot of just one moment.

  1.  Highlight the Specials

Using the slideshow feature, you can advertise the entire night’s specialties (drinks, dinner and desserts!) in one quick and easy post. Note that the Instagram post represents the special for that specific night in order to create a sense of urgency and entice customers to head your way.

  1.  Show Off Good Customer Reviews

With so many consumers now relying on recommendations from others, such as Yelp, slideshows provide a perfect opportunity to highlight those great reviews. Take screen grabs from Yelp or use quotes from customers (even videos!) to create a post that radiates positivity for your restaurant.

  1. Capture the Entire Meal

Show off the three, five or seven course meals your restaurant has to offer! No longer are you limited to one picture or plate of food. Use a photo for each course in the slideshow, and by the end, guests want to know how to make a reservation. Hint: the link is in your profile.

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