#MajorKey: DJ Khaled Inspires My PR

By Posted in - Public Relations & Social Media + Influencer Engagement on March 28th, 2016

I recently discovered DJ Khaled’s Snapchat. If you’ve never heard of DJ Khaled, he is on almost every single rap song. Ever. He even yells his name at the beginning of most of his anthems, like “All I Do Is Win”.

On his Snapchat story, the multi-millionare takes us step-by-step through his entire day. He is always on “the pathway of more success” and uses funny, motivational slogans that serve to empower his followers. He recently started using “keys” that – interestingly enough – inspire my own career as a PR practitioner.

Key One: Chef Dee

Every morning, Khaled walks around his mansion and blurts out, “ChefChef Dee Dee, what you got cookin’ for me today?” His personal chef answers by listing all the healthy meal options that she has prepared for breakfast. DJ Khaled explains that “they don’t want us to eat healthy, so we must eat healthy.” He never tells us who “they” is, but I assume he is referring to negative-minded people.

Although I am not making major million-dollar deals like Khaled his simple key to success still rings true for me. He reminds us that eating a healthy, balanced meal helps to start the workday off on the right note. Starting with a full stomach increases my productivity and helps my creative juices flow for our clients.

Key Two: DJ Khaled Gets Lost At Sea

Who else dreams of having the luxury to jet ski all day? I do. While I was swooning over the lavish lifestyle that the music guru lives, something hilarious happened. Khaled got lost in the ocean on his jet ski.

As funny as it sounds, this is also a “major key” to my career in PR and at Clairemont. We have all faced a time where we were so overwhelmed we felt lost. Khaled teaches that “the key is to never give up, to win more.”

How can we use this lesson in agency life? Don’t be afraid to ask your team members or colleagues for help or support. I have found that it’s always beneficial to ask for help when needed so that you don’t get lost at sea with your projects.

If you need a giggle, watch the entire “Lost at Sea” Snapchat.

Key Three: Business is Always Boomin’

Ben, a 16 year-old that we know absolutely nothing more about than his name, appears regularly on the mogul’s Snapchat story debuting the hottest new sneaker trends. When Ben is asked, “How’s business?” The simple yet dramatic reply is always, “BOOMIN’.” Ben

How can we keep business boomin’? First, I make sure that I know and clearly understand our clients’ goals and needs. What are they trying to accomplish as a business? What does success look like to them? I keep business boomin’ by staying connected with client contacts and working to develop a reliable, open relationship with them, working in tandem to meet these goals.

Key Four: Elliptical talk

If you have ever seen a photo of Khaled, you know he isn’t a particularly skinny man. Recently, he has taken health and wellness to another level on his elliptical.

Elliptical talk is a “major key to success” for the star. We see him in his home gym on an actual machine exercising and reciting lyrics to some of the week’s hottest songs. How does this translate to our industry?

Khaled reminds us that we have to cultivate our best selves in order to help others. If we aren’t in shape (mentally and physically), we can’t secure top media placements and create top-notch client campaigns. The Clairemont team expands our knowledge by watching webinars and attending luncheons. On Well Wednesday, our team trades its business dresses for yoga pants in the office, this allows us to go for a run or attend a boxing class when our schedules allow. Get on your “elliptical to success” and create a positive-minded person so that your clients can’t imagine a day without you.

Elliptical talk

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