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By Posted in - Case Studies & Raleigh PR Agency on April 24th, 2015

Client: LEKKER Bikes US

Objectives: In 2014, LEKKER Bikes US became the first American distributer of LEKKER bikes, Dutch-inspired bicycles originally established in Amsterdam and later sold in Australia. LEKKER Bikes US retained Clairemont Communications to research the U.S. cycling market, capture the public’s attention and craft a dynamic event to introduce this custom-designed cruiser to the American audience.

Execution: To maximize online and in-person engagement with LEKKER’s target audience, Clairemont focused its efforts for “LEKKER Bike’s First 24 Hours in America” in the following areas:

24-Hour City Tour: LEKKER’s debut event introduced the first LEKKER bike in the U.S. by positioning it as a celebrity during its first day in America. During the 24 hours of festivities, the LEKKER bike made stops at nine local hot spots throughout Greensboro. Clairemont strategically planned the event in tandem with First Friday—one of Greensboro’s most popular community events—to maximize visibility.

Media Outreach: We targeted each news outlet with hyper-individualized pitches, highlighting the nontraditional 24-hour aspect of the event. Clairemont secured local TV anchors to host the bike as the first appearance of the day and live-tweet an inaugural ride on the morning show.

Social Media Campaign: Clairemont established LEKKER’s online presence and engaged its target audience on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Pre-established relationships on social media paid off as local organizations spread the word through Twitter and Facebook.

V.I.P. Reception and Community Outreach: Clairemont hosted a special V.I.P. reception during the 24-hour event at a local restaurant for community leaders, biking experts, media and bloggers to increase in-person interaction with the bike.

Website and Print Collateral: We carefully crafted SEO-friendly content—key messages, company history, mission statement, product descriptions and photography—to showcase LEKKER’s custom quality and accessible style. Additional collateral featured eye-catching photography and easy calls to action; Clairemont designed and distributed these materials during the event to attract and secure new leads for future sales.

Onsite Support: The Clairemont team worked around the clock for 24 hours to escort the bike between locations, distribute information, encourage interaction and live post the bike’s adventures on social media.

Results: Our efforts landed the bike on stage with a nationally renowned bluegrass band, at a pub party and in a four-star hotel where the chef honored the bike with its own signature cocktail. With the goal of only four stories, Clairemont secured a total of five media stories, one in every key outlet in the market. The event produced five blog posts and more than 100 social media posts to at least 285,000 followers, a result that exceeded the goal by more than 300 percent. Through the 24-hour event, more than 350 individuals encountered or interacted with the bike, including 30 community influencers that attended the V.I.P. reception, also exceeding our goal.

Our team agrees that this was one of our most fun assignments in 2014. The LEKKER bikes are beautifully designed, and we loved introducing it to everyone from potential buyers to members of the media to fashion bloggers who saw the bike as a hot summer accessory! Thank you Will at LEKKER Bikes US for letting us be part of bringing LEKKER to North America!



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