What does a PR Agency do? XiLi Mobile Brochure

By Posted in - Case Studies & Marketing on November 9th, 2015

In 2013, Clairemont had the privilege to work with TextThisHouse and XiLi Mobile, a web application that automatically connects potential homebuyers and listing agents via text messaging. Using MLS listings from across the nation and Google Maps to provide information about available homes, XiLi provides instant home listings to potential homebuyers, while capturing those buyers as new leads and forwarding them to the listing agents to conveniently connect the two parties.


Clairemont established its objective as follows: provide TextThisHouse with a tool that easily and succinctly communicates the what, how and why behind XiLi to realtors and brokers who might benefit from the service.


Having recently released this new technology, TextThisHouse turned to Clairemont Communications to assist in spreading awareness of XiLi Mobile and its offerings to homebuyers and realtors. Clairemont developed a detailed, comprehensive PR plan that worked to target two distinct groups. Clairemont designed an informative brochure providing information about XiLi Mobile to realtors and brokers.


XiLi shared the brochure with more than 150,000 real estate agents within a few months as a part of its promotions and sales. Likewise, the brochure was sent to thousands of new XiLi customers for use in their own sales pitches to gain listing contracts. In the first six months, more that 40 brokerages adopted the brochure as a tool to promote their agency’s tech savvy.


XiLi Mobile faced the challenge of conveying how its services would benefit realtors and brokers. Clairemont created a one-page brochure with visuals that clarified that XiLi is a web-based texting service rather than a mobile app. Clairemont’s copy provided realtors with the benefits of choosing XiLi as an ally in capturing more buyer leads.

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